Billionaire Men

Last year on Valentine’s Day, I introduced you all to my Billionaire Men Trilogy.  This Valentine’s Day I bring you Book Two.

First a reminder about Jessie and her love interest.

Jessie's billionaireJessie Laing, Personal Assistant to the Vice President was in a mess.  Her hot, gorgeous boss – Robert Grayson – had seen a new side to Jessie after she tell’s him ‘NO,’ for the first time.  His mouth drops open as he watches her sashays out of his office and off to lunch with her friend.

Here starts Book One with Jessie’s Billionaire.  There romance blossoms, their feeling for each other obvious until…

NOW we’re back with book Two of the Trilogy.Double Engagement

‘Billionaire Engagement.’  Will they or won’t they.  Does Jessie keep her job, or transfer to a different department of the company?  Why is Nathaniel Grayson – Roberts younger brother – recalled to Seattle?  Will Robert win the day and the love of his life, or will something else get in the way of what he loves most? 


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