Summer Reading

His Billionaire Woman

His Billionaire Woman FINALBook One in a collection of novellas where the woman in the Billionaire.  The first in a set of short novellas tells the tale of Avril Haighton an self-made billionaire who lives in Seattle. Whilst on holiday she meets Kieran Brody, a gentleman, a great kisser and the start of a holiday romance.

What will happen after the holiday? Is the attraction they feel true love or the holiday romance Avril hadn’t anticipate.

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His Billionaire Woman, now available on AMAZON KINDLE.

Jessie’s Billionaire

Jessie's billionaireJessie Lang has been working as Robert Grayson’s Personal Assistant for two years. Keeping to herself, doing what was requested, never putting a foot wrong. Then everything changed. Jessie answered back and Robert saw her for the first time as something more than his PA. He saw her as a woman.

Things start to sizzle, though they both try to ignore what is happening, until an incident at a conference upsets everything. Will their relationship survive or will Jessie have to find another job. Read on to find out. Available on Kindle only.

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